Preparing for Back to School – 5 Easy Steps

Every teacher understands that back to school isn’t just a big deal to the kids; it affects the teachers just as much! For many educators, the summer is just as sacred to them as it is to the children on their breaks. When back to school season starts peeking its head around the corner, it can sometimes catch teachers off guard or perhaps even get them a little nervous! We’ve put together a few helpful tips teachers can use in preparation for that first day back to class!

Develop a New, Personalized Lesson Plan – The times are changing, and we need to stay current with them! That being said, we should never have to feel like we are “settling” or just “accepting the norm.” When developing a lesson plan, keep in mind what is currently happening in our world, but be careful to not abandon the classics and principles that you believe strongly in. A great plan should be personal and relevant.

Create a Special Classroom Atmosphere – It’s no secret that people work better in environments they are comfortable in. This is the case for young children as well! From big things like choosing a classroom theme, to small things like deciding what color the chairs should be, every decision is important. Make sure you have everything you need for the environment, and set it up to your liking. Be sure to keep things in mind such as where kids will put their personal belongings, if you will go with desks or tables, if you will have a designated space to display kids projects, and can every kid see you, as well as can you see every kid. All these things are important.

Get Supplied – There are so many different kinds of necessary educational supplies from classroom supplies, to your own teachers supplies, it can be easy to get overwhelmed in a hurry. The good news to remember is that it is ok if you don’t have absolutely everything on the list right away! Supplies are always available at the store down the street, so you are never too far from having exactly what you need. Make a list of the absolute necessities you’ll need on the first day, and then keep a second, ongoing list to help recall what you need as you go.

Prepare for Back to School Night – Back to school night can be a blast, but it can also add unneeded stress to an already potentially stressful time. Being prepared ahead of time can help ensure a great evening with the parents. Make nametags and have a signup sheet ready so you don’t have to struggle to remember names. Have your students work displayed so the parents can see what their kids have been doing. Communicate with the parents and use this time to learn a little bit more about your students!

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s – The last week before school starts is a great time to finalize everything and make sure you are in order. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with school and classroom rules and procedures. Meet any new staff members. Take a walk-through the school. Get comfortable, and prepare yourself for the best school year yet!

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