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I think we can all agree on one thing; parties are a blast! Few things are more fun and exciting than getting together some good friends and enjoying each other’s company. Parties are the best way to come out of your shell, open up, and meet some new friends.

For most classrooms, the fall party (or harvest party) is the first chance of the year we have to throw a real party! When preparing a party for the classroom, you want it to be a big success, because it may be the first time a student comes out of his or her shell and begins making friends with their peers. You want to throw a party that is both exciting for your children and a great opportunity for them to open up and communicate with other students.

Throwing a successful fall party is both very easy and very fun. You don’t need too many supplies, everyone gets involved, and food is usually involved! Here are a few suggestions for a great fall party:

Have a Pumpkin Drawing Contest – This is similar to pumpkin carving, but a safer version. Have your children draw their favorite designs/faces on pumpkins. After everyone is finished, have the kids vote on their three favorites. Once those are chosen, have those three turned into jack-o-lanterns to display in the classroom!

Cookie Decorating – Make sure to clear this one up with parents first; not all parents like their kids having sugar. The name describes it all; give your kids plain sugar cookies (the bigger the better), fall-colored icing, and sprinkles, and have them go wild! Some kids will probably just try to fit as much icing on a cookie as humanly possible, but some kids will do their best to design a truly creative and thought out!

Charlie Brown – The Great Pumpkin. They love it. You love it. Everyone loves it. No brainer.

Take a Nature Walk – Some consider the fall to be the most beautiful time of the year. Also, for most climates, it isn’t too hot or too cold to enjoy being outside. Have your kids grab their favorite jacket and take a walk through the woods behind the school, or at a local park. There’s no better way to enjoy fall than to play in the freshly fallen leaves!

There are, of course, many different ideas that could make up a fall party. These are only a few that we’ve come up with. Experiment with different games, activities, and snacks. Find out what your kids like the best. Remember that the only necessary ingredient for a successful fall party is FUN!

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