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We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how about you? There are few things in school that really can excite and join together the student body like spirit week. Something special happens when students can unify and rally around one cause at their school.

There are lots of different ways to increase school spirit during spirit week. If your school has a sports team, support them! Have a pep rally to boost excitement and then have a big celebration at the game. Foam hands, clappers and pom-poms are great accessories for cheering (a megaphone doesn’t hurt either). Every school needs a fight song; if you don’t have one, create it! All these things are great for boosting school spirit.

During spirit week, you should decorate the school halls and classrooms as well. It helps students to feel like the entire school has an atmosphere of spirit! This can simply be done with some streamers and curtains. Also, if your school has some extras, throw up some school flags and posters around the halls! You want your students to be reminded everywhere they go that you want some school spirit!

Lastly, the key is to get everyone involved. This can be hard, because sometimes kids just don’t want to participate. Unfortunately you can’t MAKE them participate, but you can make it a lot easier for them! Pass out some school spirit wristbands, leis, and bracelets. Maybe even give out an “afro wig” or two! The goal is to get your school colors flying everywhere!

Creating school spirit isn’t hard, and it can have a huge payoff. Nothing beats a happy student body, and we think that you’ll find students are actually able to focus better when they are happier in their school environment. Hopefully with these tools and ideas, you’ll be able to throw a spirit week worth remembering!

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