Great Winter Field Trip Ideas

Winter ClassroomThere’s no experience for a young student quite like field trip day. A fun field trip is comparable to a mini-vacation; it is a break in the normal school routine, and it is always sure to be a great time!

All of us remember our favorite field trip from when we were younger, whether it was to the zoo, a sporting event, or a local business. Now, as teachers, we want to make sure that we are making our field trips memorable to our students. An amazing field trip should first and foremost be a fun experience, but to be effective, a student should leave having learned something as well.

Planning a field trip in the wintertime can be challenging. Many teachers opt to just go without field trips during this season because of the potential challenges that arise. If you are running out of winter field trip ideas, here are a few we’ve come up with that can be a great time and a fun learning experience for your students:

Attend a Holiday Production – The holidays are an amazing time of the year to attend the local theater. Some of our favorites are A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker. Usually theaters will have a matinee discount, and many offer education packages to help save money on otherwise expensive productions. As an added benefit, you can read the book to your children in class, and discuss how the play is different than the publication.

Go to a Toy Factory – This may be challenging depending on where you are located, but if you have the opportunity, don’t pass it up! This can show children how the toy building process happens, and most of the factories can provide a tour guide that explains all the details of what they do.

Visit a Nursing Home – Take the opportunity to use your students to improve someone else’s holiday. Many people in nursing homes don’t have anyone to visit them during the holidays, so home coordinators love scheduling times for students to come visit. As a class, you can learn carols at school, and then sing them for the residents at the nursing home.

Visit a Local Christmas Tree Farm – Christmas tree farms are a wonderful place for your students to learn about the farming process, the environment, and the history of why we use Christmas trees. Some tree farms will have other fun things to do as well, such as hay barrel mazes and wagon rides. Be tactical in planning this one; you don’t want to spend the day outside if it will be frigid temperatures or during a blizzard.

Field trips are important! Even though it is cold outside during this part of the year, don’t let that be an excuse to not take your students out. With these ideas, you can ensure a winter full of fun and educational field trips for you class!

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