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Sports and Sub SandwichThe year is officially 2014, and if you’re a sports fan, it doesn’t get much better. Not only do we get the usual top-notch sporting events like the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, and NBA Finals, but this year has a couple other special sporting events up it’s sleeve. This year, we will get treated to two of the world’s most premiere sporting events: the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.

It’s not often that we get five incredible reasons to get our friends together and yell at the television for hours at a time (all before the beginning of summer, no less). This year, don’t be content with just inviting over a couple of your closest friends and microwaving some pizza for everyone; take advantage and use the opportunity to do it up big!

Remember; throwing a party for sports fans is a lot different than hosting a fine dinner party. Some things may seem obvious, but it’s best to go over all of it.

First, you do not need elaborate, fancy invitations. A simple text thread or Facebook event will suffice. No need to waste time and money on creating beautiful invites that will never get looked at twice.

Second, break out the sports décor! Your decorations should match the event, but they shouldn’t take the main focus, as that will be the role of the actual sporting event. The key is light, humble décor that accents the sporting event, not draws attention away from it. Check out our website and Pinterest for some design ideas!

Third, figure out what food you want to serve your guests. It used to be that pizza, chips, and salsa made the perfect sports event recipe, but times have changed, and people like a little more variety now. There is nothing wrong with the classics, but look into providing healthier alternatives as well. You can get a veggie tray, pita bread and hummus, or even get adventurous and make a delicious black bean dip!

No matter what you do, the main focal point will always be the sporting event on the TV. People wait all year long to watch their favorite games, so the goal is to make that experience as fun (and distraction free) as possible. With a little preparation and a BIG television, your Super Bowl/Olympics/World Cup party will easily become the best party of the season!

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