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tumblr_n4ef69szs71st5lhmo1_1280There is a lot of beauty to be found in this world. Sometimes at first glance it can be easy to forget, but when we really take the time to look closely, it becomes much easier to see.

One of the best ways to experience the true beauty of our world is to go on a nature walk! Nature walks are a great way to exercise and get away from the world for a bit, or just slow down and enjoy some great company with a close friend or loved one.

While nature walks are great for everyone ages 1 to 100, there is something special about going on a nature walk with your toddler. You can take the same path every single day for a week, and every time, they will find something new. There are countless details that we so often look over, but our children are expert detectives, and they will always find something new to study and learn.

Nature walks are great on their own, but if you’re looking to discover some new things, we have a few pointers.

Take a Camera. This is a big one. On nature walks, we are taking in so much through all of our senses that it can be hard to retain everything we see. When you take a camera with you, you can take pictures of new insects, rocks, plants, and anything else you want to examine later on. By doing this, children can start to learn about and understand all the amazing differences and intricacies that exist in nature.

Take it Slow. In our fast-paced world, we love to move quick! We feel more accomplished when we are moving faster. On a nature walk, the exact opposite should be our goal. To truly take in our surroundings through all five of our senses, we need to put our lives on pause (or at least slow motion). Really take time to listen to the birds singing above you, or feel the texture of certain plants. Stop frequently and take a deep breath of natural fresh air. Your mind and your body will be better off for it.

Enjoy the Company (Even if it’s Just You). When we are with our families at home, there is oftentimes a number of distractions around us. We can be together, but not actually be “together”. When you go on a nature walk with someone, you have a chance to actually be in community with them. Cherish this time; ask questions, tell stories, learn about each other! If you are with your child, talk to them about what is on their mind, or ask how school is going. If you went by yourself, that is ok too! Make sure your cell phone is off, and just take time to be alone with your thoughts.

Nature walks are one of the most fulfilling ways to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Find a path, your favorite person, and a few spare hours and head out on a nature walk today!

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