Phases of the Moon

iStock_000008493128MediumOur universe is a wild and wonderful place! There are millions upon millions of miles of space to explore. It can be very overwhelming to think of the grandeur of it all!

While it may be impossible to learn everything about the universe, one thing that we can learn about is our moon! We first visited the moon in 1969, and scientists have been hard at work studying it ever since.

One fun thing to learn about is the different phases of the moon. There are a variety of projects you can do at home or at school to learn about the moon and its phases. We’ve posted just a few of our favorites below.

Explore the Phases of the Moon from

Moon Models from HowStuffWorks

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases from Science Bob’s Blog

Make Your Own Moon Phase Transporter from

This should be enough projects to keep your moon desires satiated for awhile! If you have some other fun moon phase projects you enjoy, let us know about them in the comment section below!

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