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Kindergarten teacher and children looking at seedling in libraryI know that it can have a way of sneaking up on you, so let me just warn you right now: school is back in session in just a few short weeks! We hope your summer has been (and still is) full of fun trips to the pool and spending your days in the sun, but now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming school year.

Preparing for the school year isn’t just about getting your lesson plans in order; you need to set up your classroom too! If you don’t want to settle for last year’s “atmosphere” in your classroom, you will be delighted to hear Constructive Playthings is about to release lots of new products just in time for the new school year!

To get you started on some great classroom ideas, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favorite new products.

WB-1021 (3)Premium Maple Folding Tote Unit

This Premium Maple Folding Tote Unit is perfect for any classroom where space is limited. This beautiful storage unit has ample room for organized storage, thanks to the 20 tote slots and 5 large storage areas. When it is not in use, it can be folded together, locked, and pushed to any corner of the room, safely out of the way. The shelves also sit on heavy-duty casters for easy movement.

SNG-999 (13)Wooden Community Set

Children love playing with blocks, and that is a good thing. Block play can increase a child’s fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, spacial awareness, and many other things. This block set includes everything young children need to create their own community, ranging from people to cars to unique buildings. The blocks are made of solid hardwood, so you can rest assured knowing they are built to last for the classroom.

MTC-600 (2)Learning Numbers & Operations With Unit Blocks

These set of 37 Unit Blocks make a great addition to any block set (like the Wooden Community Set), or they are great on their own when used as a learning mechanism. These blocks help students to demonstrate and learn the beginning mathematical operations of addition and subtractions. The blocks also come cut in all different shapes and sizes, so children can use them to build just about any simple structure they can imagine!

WNN-295_1Baby Doll Accessories

You might not think that baby dolls are that great of an addition to the classroom, but they can certainly be used in a variety of ways to positively affect your environment. They can be used to teach basic principles about the human body, they are great for calming down the occasional wild child, and they are also a great addition to play/nap time. If you already have a good selection of baby dolls, this set of Baby Doll Accessories is the perfect addition. The set includes everything you will need to care for the baby dolls, ranging from bottles and pacifiers to a baby bath!

Don’t wait until the last week before getting your classroom ready. Having a fun, organized learning environment is an extremely effective tool for early childhood education, so get the ball rolling now!

If you have any other great classroom accessories, let us know about them in the comment section below.


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