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young boy playing with numbersThis week, the last remaining students on summer break will return to school. For many, this is a bitter-sweet time where they must say goodbye to fun summer experiences and unlimited free time, and say hello to old friends and new teachers. For other kids, this will be their first step into the exciting world of classroom education!

Preschool is a fun and sometimes scary time for young children. For the first time in their life, they will be away from mom and dad and be forced to learn in a classroom setting with other children and a new teacher. While some children thrive in this new environment, not all of them will assimilate as quickly.

One great way to get less-excited youngsters into the swing of learning is by incorporating fun games into the process! Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite preschool math games. These games are a sure-fire way to get those new-student nerves out and get students to trade their fears for fun!

Squeeze & Tweeze Sorting & Counting Game – In this fun game, children grab the brightly colored pieces and sort them into their respective bowls while counting up the totals. It also includes an activity guide for some more fun game ideas.

Pizza Mania Math Game – Children will learn simple addition and subtraction with this delicious math game! Follow the chef’s directions to create unique pizzas while adding and subtracting the different ingredients.

Getting Ready for School File Folder Games – This game set includes 16 different games that all introduce math skills in fun ways. Game activities include rhyming, matching, shapes, the alphabet, counting, opposites, and patterning.

Counting Animals – This all wooden set provides an exciting way for children to learn basic counting and addition. Kids will count the animals and match the numeral value to each corresponding row!

Entering preschool for the first time may be a new experience for young children, but with the right games, it can be fun and rewarding! Check out the math games in the links above, and if you have any other math games you enjoy, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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