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Depending on where you live, winter can get old. My friends in San Diego probably won’t understand, so if that is you, feel free to skip on to the next paragraph. We are located in the Midwest, which means we get some weather. Our summers are hot and our winters are cold. By the time September rolls around, we are so sick of being sweaty and sticky 24/7 that we gladly trade in our tank tops and sandals for our hoodies, wool socks, and winter coats. However, what begins as a nice deviation from the sun eventually turns into 5 months of sleet, snow, brittle winds, and plenty of days that don’t quite make it to double digits on the thermometer.

Around the end of March, however, something beautiful begins happening. The sun stops setting at 5 pm and decides it wants to hang out for a couple more hours. The realization starts to hit that we can shed a layer or two and not become frozen where we stand.

Of course, I am talking about the emergence of spring!

For many midwesterners, spring is the magnum opus of our year. It is the few short months sandwiched between visible breath and intense sunburns. It means windows down. It means BBQ with the neighborhood. It means pickup sports games of all types. For most of us, it is what we look forward to the other 9 months of the year.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it would be “DON’T WASTE SPRING!” It’s the only one you are going to get for the entire year, and it needs to be cherished. Chances are you already have a pretty good selection of fun spring past times to choose from, but for those that need a little bit of a mental idea spark, we’ve put together a creative spring bucket list for you to start checking off.

  • Get together 10 of your closest friends and family members and play some ultimate frisbee/touch football/soccer/baseball/anything.
  • Sit on a park bench. All day. In the rain.
  • Have a BBQ, then have another BBQ, because who doesn’t love BBQ?
  • Fly a kite. And I don’t mean a boring nylon diamond. A mean a KITE!
  • Have a picnic. The kind you see in the movies, with a checkered blanket, a wicker picnic basket, your favorite person, and a frisbee.
  • Fix up the 10-speed in the garage and bike around the local park a few times.
  • Make some sandwiches and pass them out to some lesser fortunate folks, because it is ALWAYS better to give than to receive…not just at Christmas time.
  • Leave a floral legacy (aka plant a garden).
  • Take a trip to Disney World. If that is a bit out of the picture, anywhere with a couple roller coasters and bumper cars will do.
  • Go outside by yourself with a notebook and write. A sentence. A poem. A song. A novel. Doesn’t matter.
  • Pack up the family (and the dog) in the suburban and take a camping trip to the slightly-further-away-than-local lake. And remember to wear sunscreen!
  • Support your local sports teams. If they are anything like the Kansas City Royals, they probably could use the support.

If you are still reading this, then you are letting those precious spring moments slip away. Go outside and make something of this marvelous season!

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