Halloween Party

Halloween Party at Pre-School!

We are more than halfway through October, and you know what that means; Halloween is just around the corner! We love Halloween around here–when else can you dress up as anything you want to be and be rewarded with your favorite candy? Also, who doesn’t love decorating your classroom like a deserted mansion or a haunted […]

Safe Trick or Treating

Halloween fun

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year! Between the magic of dressing up like your favorite character and the excitement of getting loads of free candy, what’s not to love?! While trick or treating is a fun favorite Halloween tradition, when done incorrectly, it is not always safe. This year, make […]

Halloween Crafts

Halloween preparation

Halloween is a wonderful and creative time of the year. People young and old adorn themselves in costume to go explore the night, and spooky decorations can be found on every corner. One of the most exciting things about Halloween is creating fun and spooky crafts for your home! Whether you want your house to […]

Pretend Play


Pretend play is very important for young kids. Nothing gets a child’s imagination running better than pretending to be an astronaut, a princess, an athlete, or any other fun role! Pretend play isn’t just fun for kids either; it’s necessary. When children pretend play, they are dramatically increasing their cognitive and social development, as well as […]



Education.com has just released Brainzy, a new and fun way for kids to learn! Brainzy is a collection of games aimed at 3-7 year old to help them learn math and reading in a fun and interesting way! The following is taken from Education.com: What is Brainzy? Brainzy introduces kids ages 3 to 7 to the […]

Kids Coding in School


Children in England are being taught a new language in their classes at school, but they aren’t spoken. No, these children are learning how to code! Programming is becoming more and more important in today’s society, and the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, realizes this. Curriculums in British public schools have kids learning to […]