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Ordering BY USING A CREDIT CARD from the Novelty Online Catalog is easy and only requires the following simple steps:

  • If you know the item number of an item that you wish to order and prefer not to browse the catalog you can click on E-Z Order and enter items directly into your shopping cart for checkout. If you prefer to browse the catalog select a category from the drop down menu at the top.
  • When you find a product that you are interested in, click on the product image or name and you will be taken to a description of the item were you can then add the item to your shopping cart.
  • While you are in the shopping cart, you may change the quantity of any of the items by changing the number in the text box and clicking on 'Update My Cart'. If you wish to remove an item, just click on the 'Remove Item' button corresponding to the item you wish to remove.
  • Once you have finished browsing and placing items in your shopping cart you can then begin the secure checkout process by clicking on the link in the shopping cart
  • From the shoppingcart you may be taken to several places. If you are not already logged in you will be taken to a login screen to login or continue on to checkout if you do not have a login created yet. If you are already logged in you will be taken to the shipping address page to start the checkout process. If you do not have a user account created for our website you will be taken to a page were we will gather all the necessary information to create the account along with finding out were you would like to ship your order.
  • Following the shipping address or account creation pages you will be taken to the payment page where you will need to enter your form of payment. If you are using a gift card you will also need to enter credit card information to cover anything that the gift card does not cover.
  • From the payment page you will be taken to a review page were you will have one final chance to review your order before submitting the order for processing.
  • Finally when you click on submit from the review page your order will be submitted and processed. Once the order is processed you will receive on screen an order confirmation. You will also receive an email copy of your receipt sent to the registered email address. We do recommend that you print your on screen confirmation, a link to a printer friendly version is provided on the confirmation page.
  • Customers that have established charge accounts can order on line. By providing your customer number and a purchase order number on the payment page instead of credit card/gift card information. If you are using your charge account to place the order please do not include credit card information or the credit card may be charge instead. If you have any questions please call our Customer Service at our toll free number 1-800-832-0224. Be sure to have your confirmation number ready to answer any questions. Please DO NOT FAX or mail your order in, this will cause a duplicate order to be processed.

If you would like to place an order from the Novelty catalog, choose a category from the top drop down menu and begin your purchase. You can visit any of our sister companies by clicking on any of their links on the main page.