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Magic Ball Zone Game

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Misleading picture but still fun

We purchased three of these fold-up games for a church carnival. It is actually a 3-in-1 game, rather than just basketball and softball, as described. It also is a two-hole mini-skeeball game.

To play basketball, the large red panel in the back is reconfigured as a basketball "pole". The basket hoop that is shown in the front is attached to the panel in the back. You can shoot baskets using the three ball that come with the set.

To play softball, you can pitch the three balls through any of the three targets that are shown on the front of the game. I found it easier to throw the balls overhand with a baseball motion through the targets than to pitch them underhand like a softball.

To play skee ball, the red panel shown in the picture can be configured as a ramp up to the two targets on the back. They have markings like a golf hole so it can be also used for putting practice.

I received two balls with soft sides that were dented and not truly round. One of the balls was slightly larger and had a more rigid side. I would suggest finding better balls to use with this, especially in the skee ball mode because the balls won't roll well at all.

Lastly, through the miracle of factory packaging, the game is shipped in a small bag and springs to life when unpacked. However, it is very difficult to place the game back into the bag without knowing exactly how to twist and turn it without damaging the rigid wire frame.

Review by ASBC Awana

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